More than 2,000 insurance claims filed for damages from Saskatoon hailstorm

People like Christine McKechnie of Saskatoon’s Willowgrove area took to social media to post their photos of loonie- or Ping-Pong ball-sized hail pellets that rained down on the city Friday afternoon. (Christine McKechnie‏/Twitter)

By Alicia Bridges, CBC News, June 5, 2017 

Storm pelted city with hailstones, some as big as loonies and Ping-Pong balls

Saskatchewan Government Insurance has received about 2,200 claims for vehicle damage caused by a hailstorm that pelted some parts of Saskatoon with pellets as big as Ping-Pong balls on Friday.

The storm, which lasted several minutes, hit some parts of the city harder than others. Smaller pellets were reported downtown compared with the loonie-sized chunks of ice that fell on the Willowgrove area.

“Generally, we’re not seeing a ton of windshield damage; it’s largely to the body of the car, that cosmetic damage,” said SGI media relations manager Tyler McMurchy.

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