Happy Easter to everyone from the Sonshine Kennels gang!

April is a fantastic month to enjoy the gorgeous sky, warm winds and fresh grass. Everybody would rather be outside than in but Maggie Mae would like to remind us that we need to make sure that yards, walkways and parks are cleaned up from all winter debris, old leaves and garbage scattered after the snow. These items can present a hazard to inquisitive dog noses-searching out every new spring smell-rifling through everything in their path. Broken glass and sharp items can cut a paw pad very easily and that can be very painful. Garbage, if ingested, can cause an upset stomach or other issues. Be very aware of locations where mouse or rat bait could be set out. These poisons can be deadly for a dog.
With a watchful eye and just plain common sense, you can prevent problems for your dog and have a great adventure as you enjoy the April days.

See you again soon-

Maggie Mae