Blue Jays’ Marco Estrada managing to get erratic season back on track


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By Arden Zwelling,, August 10, 2017  

TORONTO — It’s only four starts. Things could still go sour. Baseball’s a crazy game, an unforgiving game, an unpredictable game. These caveats are necessary because good pitchers have had good runs before only to watch it all fall apart.

But if Marco Estrada’s last four starts are any indication, it appears the right-hander has found a way to pull his erratic season back on the rails. That’s a promising turn of events, not only for Estrada, who will be a free agent in a few months, but for the Toronto Blue Jays

And if that happens, the Blue Jays will be banking on returning the Estrada they saw Thursday night versus the New York Yankees — the one who threw a seven-inning shutout in a 4-0 victory.

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