Blue Jays ride Pillar’s heroics, Stroman’s effectiveness to victory

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By Arden Zwelling,, May 8, 2017 

TORONTO — Kevin Pillar heard the crack off the bat, turned to his right, and started to sprint. Stride after stride the ball closed in. Tracking it over his left shoulder, Pillar angled his run slightly left as the 101.5-mph rocket screamed. Suddenly, the ball was right on top of him, above him, and past him, dropping quick. Pillar jumped, reached, crashed, rolled, and was back up on his feet before you could even register what just happened. The Superman theme played.

It was yet another for the canon of unbelievable, flat-out, holy-four-letter-word-did-he-actually-just-do-that catches in the decorated history of the Toronto Blue Jays centre-fielder who gets to everything.

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