Enjoy Your Tanning Experience

Lay-Down Bed

Our Lay-Down Bed features high-quality 100 watt ‘Velocity Brand’ lamps, a 7ft long curved comfortable acrylic bed, digital display timer, and a variable speed cooling fan.

Lay-Down Beds are great for a clean, comfortable tan. They are perfect for those looking to lie down, relax and enjoy their tanning experience.

Stand-Up Booth

Our Stand-Up Booth features high-quality 160 watt ‘Wolff Reflector’ lamps, a 2m lamp height for head-to-toe tanning, 360° format to prevent tan lines, and an advanced cooling system.

Stand-Up Booths are great for quick tans with no tan lines. They are ideal for those who want the darkest results possible in the least amount of time.

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