By Joan Janzen 

A passenger on an international flight related the story of the captain making an announcement as they were about to land.

The announcement went something like, “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We will be landing in about twenty minutes and … OH MY GOD!!” and the mic suddenly went dead. The passengers were completely silent.

A few minutes later the announcement continued: “Hello again. Sorry about that. Just as I was speaking to you, I spilled a cup of coffee into my lap. You should see the front of my trousers!” the captain laughed.

One of the passengers piped up, “That’s nothing. You should see the back of mine!”
The captain’s sudden outburst of alarm is equivalent to listening to all the alarmist speculation delivered daily by the media, as though it were factual information.

That, combined with the truly alarming and constant violence taking place throughout the world, has caused me to become increasingly appreciative to be living in Canada.

Since we’re gearing up for all the “Canada 150” celebrations, I rounded up some reasons why Canadians love this country. Here’s what Canadians had to say …

“I don’t worry about earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis or volcanoes. I don’t worry about civil disorder, nor rebellion. My town will never be wiped out in a mud slide, but even if these things did happen, I know there are 35 million right thinking people who will be there to help, regardless of creed or politics, just as I would do for them.”

“I receive better than average health care without having to go bankrupt to pay for it. We don’t let people on the street carry guns, and the police are generally pretty fair. These are just a few of the reasons why I would never want to live anywhere else.”

“Canada is the only country where people are like, “who cares about affairs as we are busy enjoying the hockey games!”

“Every spring is time to roll up the rim.”

“We are truly blessed with a country rich in resources and a well established infrastructure. As our national anthem states “The true north strong and free”, with a cool Maple leaf flag, a pretty good standard of living and the RCMP.”

“Canada is less corrupt than most of the countries in the world, and people in general are nice and polite and willing to help you even if you are a stranger.”

“There are passionate people on the many sides of politics and beliefs and it’s a place where all those people can discuss things with less fear of being silenced.”

“Canada is not a perfect place, but it is astoundingly beautiful, and affords you the freedoms to live your life the way you want.”

Over all, Canadians have a deep appreciation for hockey, health care, helpful people and the freedom to be heard, but not necessarily in that order.

But let’s not stand by and take all we have for granted. We need to speak up for those who don’t have a voice, keep speaking to those who are representing our voice when decisions are being made, and praying for our nation to continue to be the true north strong and free.

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