‘Can’t put a price on health’: Woman calls on Sask. gov’t to cover $200K-a-year drug

Christie Brizinski works full-time as a greenhouse technologist at an environmental consulting and R&D firm in Saskatoon. (submitted)

By CBC News, July 30, 2017 

Christie Brizinski says Orkambi could be a gamechanger for her cystic fibrosis condition

A young woman from Beauval, Sask. who has cystic fibrosis is calling on the Saskatchewan government to cover an expensive but potentially “life-changing” drug.

Christie Brizinski, 20, was diagnosed when she was three-months-old, and while she takes enzymes with every meal to help her digest fats and proteins, her lung function began declining two years ago.

“It’s just been declining quickly lately,” she said.

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