By Kayley Wagner,

I’ll be moving out of my mom’s house soon into a home of my own. To show appreciation to my mom, I’d like to dress up the garden around her porch.

It doesn’t have much going on right now. She’s not home enough to decorate it like she wants to.  While roaming the local hardware store here, my eyes zeroed in on the PERFECT thing for my project: a water fountain resembling something one would find in the land of Narnia.

It has a simple design: A flat horizontal piece that looks like a wall with a lion head spewing water into a basin. I’m going to place it along the wall of the porch, and have hanging plants running down both sides of it to make it seem as if it’s actually part of the porch.

You can do the same thing for your garden. Water fountains are an excellent way to add a special touch.

Read full tutorial here…..

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