By Charlie Jourdain,

Summer brings hot and humid weather as many enjoy fun seasonal activities.

At the time, you may have been too busy to think about building an outdoor living space. But now that fall is here, it may be an ideal time to turn these thoughts into plans of action and start planning for your deck. Some homeowners may decide to wait until spring, but here are a few reasons why you should consider building a new deck this fall.

  1. Seasonal Savings for Savvy Shoppers

Even though the demand for building decreases in the fall/winter, many construction crews are available year-round, which means discounted, off-season pricing is often available. Look for products that are sustainable, durable and easily maintainable throughout all seasons, such as redwood.

  1. Enjoy Outdoors Ahead of Time

By building your deck in the fall, it will be ready for spring. You’ll be able to go outside and appreciate your space immediately. Meanwhile, your neighbors will be meeting with builders and just beginning their construction projects. Also, take advantage of characteristics found in decking materials like redwood, which can remain cooler to the touch in hot sun when compared to man-made products such as plastic-composites.

  1. Building During Predictable Weather Conditions

Depending on your location, spring might bring heavy rains, or even snow. Such elements can cause delays to your project and even increase damage to landscaping. Fall weather is a little more predictable and consistent, which can help to keep your project on track and your lawn in the best possible condition. If you’re located on the West Coast, choosing redwood can also help in preventative measures against autumn wildfires, as it is a fire-resistant material.

  1. Fall Weather Brings More Stability

Rough weather conditions can also weaken your landscaping, which can wreak havoc during a building project. By building in the fall, you’re likely to have drier or even frozen turf and soil, which is more resistant to the stress caused by traffic and material storage that construction projects bring.

  1. Flexibility in Construction Scheduling

Starting in November, homeowners should take advantage of the off-season period, as construction schedules become more flexible. This can give a homeowner the luxury of having their new deck completed in less time than if built during spring or summer months.

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