By Reed Daulton,

One Friday, my wife came home from work and said she wanted to put in a water fountain next to our pool so that we could have a pretty, relaxing water feature.

My initial response was, “Honey, we have a water feature; it’s that 30,000-gallon pool sitting in the backyard.” After I received the stinkeye and a stern talking-to, we set off in search of the fountain of our dreams.

We stopped at a local hardware store that had a great display of fountains outside. Now, I knew I wasn’t going to win the battle between putting in a fountain and not putting in a fountain, but there was no way I was going to put in a “pretty, relaxing water feature” that had frogs with umbrellas or Cupid shooting water out of an arrow. That’s where I draw the line. Fortunately, my wife directed me to a very simple dark stone, three-tier fountain, and we bought it. I will chalk that up as a win for this old man.

After some tinkering without reading the instructions, because I’m an engineer and I get ahead of myself sometimes, I finally hooked it up. I turned it on and it worked! Soon thereafter I realized I had been staring at it for a few minutes, not only admiring my handywork, but actually enjoying the sights and sounds of the fountain.

So it turns out, the fountain was a good idea, and my wife was right. It is relaxing, and I can definitely get used to it. I have recently found myself turning it on in the morning and having a cup of coffee outside on the porch. So listen to your wife when she says, “Honey, I want to put in a fountain!”

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