By Shannon Ireland,

…Yeah, gardens are nice to look at…

…but let’s spice it up a bit! Here are a few guidelines that should give your yard the pizzazz it needs to stand out successfully:

Color Coordinate

Don’t stick a flower in the ground just because you know how. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Now is your time to shine! Show off your artsy skills by planning out a color scheme. This can go in many directions; enough to keep the imaginative juices flowing all year round:

Garden Arranging Game Plan - Color Coordinate

Use Patterns

Anyone can string a row of pretty plants along their house. Why not break the monotonous chain with some of these examples:

Garden Arranging Game Plan - Use Patterns

Coordinate Plant Life Cycles

This is probably the most important tip to take away from here. All plants have a time when they grow, blossom and wilt. It doesn’t matter whether you plant flowers that wilt at the same time or if they’re staggered in their timely demise. What DOES matter is that you have a game plan for when the petals begin to not look so lovely. If you can build a garden that seamlessly changes with the seasons, you’re golden.

There are countless ways to have a unique, eye-catching garden. Take some of these basic guidelines and run wild with your imagination! If you have a photo of your fabulous garden, please leave it in a comment below. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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