By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 30, 2017 

The Kindersley Roller Derby held their second home bout of the sea- son on June 17. While the youngsters held a great game, the Crudes Hitters took a bit of a beating.

The event started off with a Junior Scrimmage played by young players at the 1/2 level. Played by mostly Kindersley and area girls, the derby split them into two groups: Black versus White. “The girls played hard, and seemed to have a lot fun, which is what these bouts are all about;” said Britenie Georget, team member and media rep for the team.

The adults had a harder time, as the Crude Hitters wrestled to put every point on the board against the visiting Weyburn Straightjackets.

“They are a skilled and tough team to play,” noted Georget. “But I was very proud of the girls; they never gave up, but played hard right until the very end.”

Losing 303-91, the Crude Hitters aren’t about to let those results get them down. “We found out where our weak points were, and where we could gain skills and improve plays;” commented Georget, “in all it was a great learning experience.”

As the hotter days send many scurrying for vacations, the Roller Derby de- cided to take a summer break, and reconvene in October. Their next home bout will take place on October 14, again with the Prince Albert Outlaws.

The last game with the Outlaws resulted in a loss for the Crude Hitters, something they do not plan to repeat. “Weekly practices will still continue, so we can work on our skills and be ready to smash the next game.”


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