‘The damage is done’: Home electricity meters exploding, starting fires in Sask. drought

Scorching heat and almost no rain has dried up and cracked the ground in southern Saskatchewan. (Mike Zartler/CBC News)

By Bonnie Allen, CBC News, August 4, 2017 

Regina’s driest July in 130 years also threatening livestock, crops and farmers’ livelihoods

While it’s not surprising that scorching heat and bone-dry conditions are baking crops and thwarting mosquitoes, this summer’s drought in southern Saskatchewan has also had some unexpected, and potentially dangerous, impacts.

Thousands of homes could be at risk from exploding electricity meters, and some farmers may lose their livelihoods.

In its driest year since 1887, Regina only got 1.8 millimetres of rain the entire month of July, compared to its usual average 66 millimetres.

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