By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, May 30, 2017

A much-needed side by side and equipment trailer were added to the Kindersley Fire Department’s arsenal this past week, thanks to donations from Richardson Pioneer Foundation, Raging River Exploration, and the RM of Kindersley.

The 8.5×20 foot cargo trailer purchase was made possible through a donation from Richardson Pioneer. “We are happy to have this opportunity to work with the great people in the Kindersley Fire Department,” stated Garett Armitage, Director of Operations at Richardson Pioneer.  

When the fire department started on the “skid package” project, a combo side by side and equipment storage trailer, Richardson Pioneer was ready to jump in with both feet. Under Pioneer Foundations, a project that invests in various communities in Western Canada, the Richardson Pioneer was able to donate over $20,000 to the project — funds the Kindersley Fire Department later used to purchase the trailer. “There is a feeling of pride in our office,” commented Armitage. “Working in an establishment that can provide donations like this to the community makes our job worthwhile.”  

The trailer now houses Kindersley Fire’s spill/cleanup materials, as well as equipment for scene safety, highway traffic control, decontamination, wildland firefighting, and for ice water rescues.

Image courtesy of Kindersley Fire Facebook

Raging River Exploration, a gas and oil company located in Kindersley, got in on the action by donating a sturdy side by side. “The Fire Department is a needed service in our community,” stated Kevin Edgerton, Production Superintendent for Raging River Exploration. “As a company, we want to give back to the community, and we are proud that we can support it in this way.”

The RM of Kindersley added to this donation by purchasing a 2 ½ horse Honda pump and a 65-gallon tank with a 50ft hose reel. This enables Kindersley Fire to fight wildland fires on the move, either off-road or in difficult areas that larger units are unable to reach. The side by side unit will also assist with scene safety at motor vehicle crashes. The Fire Department added full light bars to make the unit highly visible for the safety of the traffic control staff.

The Fire Department works tirelessly to keep Kindersley and the surrounding area safe, and I for one am glad to see that they are better equipped to keep on doing what they do best.    

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