By Ron Baker

Fundraising is no fun for most of us.

Since I first returned to Kindersley in 2005 the desk and discard bins were there. The social mystique intrigued me. The desks were fellowship areas. The garbage cans were recycle bins for the unwanted.

I heard it explained recently that advertisers want their flyers to have a longer shelf life than just ending up in a nearby garbage bin. Also, the garbage bins had to be treated as regular garbage (who knows what ended up in them). These arguments make sense to me: help our advertisers and help us.

Life changes, and the best changes are made with reason. Some changes are made for the sake of change. And some changes are just stupid.

The latest Saskatchewan budget put an old phrase back in use – “everything is on the table.”

That phrase seems to have trickled down.

This is a lean time. Money is not rolling out of the combine or the oil well. I am actually sticking fairly strictly to my shopping list. I fixed a tool today that could have been replaced.

This is a community time. We’re struggling to find the money to hire people to do the work. Exchange of services will become a greater part of commerce. And somewhere along the line we need to rethink volunteerism.

I like the old way of doing things. Most of us do.

I was comfortable. Maybe not satisfied, or pleased, or enjoying life. I was conditioned to live with the known.

And one day someone says I have to take a risk.

The bank account is headed towards the red. Your conscience screams at you. Things are not working. You’re dying of boredom. Your health is in trouble.

Now, there are certain things that make up the table in your life. They don’t budge. For me those include such things as Jesus, family, friends, love, service . . .

But how you arrange things that end up on top of the table is up to you.

Everything is on the table.

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