Father-daughter team cuts out middleman with mobile shear sharpening

Kelsie and Brian LeGard. Brian’s father, Kelsie’s grandfather, was a barber in Regina. The father-daughter team have the same interest in hairdressing and entrepreneurship that he did, decades ago. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC)

By Madeline Kotzer, CBC News, May 16, 2017 

Brian and Kelsie LeGard offer hairdressers rare service as mobile sharpeners

Any hairdresser will tell you, the most important tool of the trade is the shears.

A sharp blade brings precision and efficiency to the work. However, waiting weeks for the shears to be sharpened brings entire operations to a grinding halt — unless you’re the LeGards. In which case, it brings ingenuity.

“Most of us are sending our shears away: Vancouver, California,” said Kelsie LeGard.

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