Football’s Butcher honoured with national Indspire Award

Image courtesy of U of S Huskies

By Marg Sheridan, The University of Saskatchewan Huskies,, May 12, 2017 

It’s been a long process, but for College of Medicine student Josh Butcher, winning a national Youth Indspire Award was as much of an inspiration as it was an honour.

“We were given the opportunity to sit down at each table at the Suncor Luncheon and speak to the youth,” Butcher explained when asked about his trip to Ottawa for the award ceremony and several affiliated events. “(And) I think that’s where I can cause change, and create my biggest impact.

“The purpose of the award is to identify positive role models for Indigenous youth. In saying that, I get really excited to talk to kids because I feel like that’s where I can evoke change and create my biggest impact. I think it’s hard for kids to aspire to be something when they can’t always identify with or relate to anyone in the positions they’d like to be in.”

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