By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 1, 2017 

The ballroom reverberated with the pleasant sounds of human voices and the tinkling of silverware against plates.

The Great Plains College (GPC) Graduation Banquet was underway. Last Friday night over 50 graduates from the Kindersley and Rosetown area were recognized for their achievement in at least 8 chosen fields.


A few dignitaries graced the occasion by giving addresses to the students, including Kindersley Mayor Rod Perkins and GPC’s President, Dr. David Keast.  MLA Honorable Bill Boyd, unfortunately, was unable to make the banquet but instead sent a moving address read by Lana Rhodes.


Each speaker encouraged the graduates as they joined an ever-growing crowd of alumni already in the Kindersley workforce. “Each of you will bring your unique gifts, strengths, and perceptions to the workforce,” Mayor Perkins stated confidently. “You have chosen a great time to gain your certificates,” Dr. Keast added. “The economy will demand more and more specialized skills and will increasingly favor those who have secondary education.”  

Award winners present at the graduation (L-R) Teenie-Rose Steer, Riley Beler, Autumn Shortt, Jamie Taylor, Cheryl McKinley – Image Credit Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social


The long line of robed alumni was certainly impressive as instructors spoke of the determination and hard work of each individual. Over the course of the evening, nine students received awards for outstanding conduct, listed below as follows:     


Academic Awards

Beler,  Riley—4th Class Power Engineering

Fox, Mary—Continuing Care Assistant

Laycock, Storm—Adult Basic Education

McKinley, Cheryl—Primary Care Paramedic

Nixon, Jessie—Early Childhood Education  

Taylor, Jamie—Administrative Assistant


Achievement Awards

Lorenz, Donavin—4th Class Power Engineering

Shortt, Autumn—Administrative Assistant

Steer, Teenie-Rose— Adult Basic Education


I believe Dr. Keast accurately summed up the evening with these words, “My hat goes off to your achievement.”   

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