Guardrail saves rally car driver from plunging off cliff in heart-stopping crash

Image Courtesy of Global News

By Alexander Maveal, Global News, May 8, 2016 

A rally car driver avoids plunging off cliff thanks to a sturdy mountain road guardrail

Video of a rally car driver losing control during a race event on along the mountainous roads if the Canary Islands is proving the effectiveness of guardrails.

European Rally Championship driver Tomasz Kasperczyk took a corner too fast and slammed into the steel safety barrier, saving him and his co-driver, Damian Syty, from plunging off the cliff.

“I put the brake [on] but nothing happened, I had no pressure,” Kasperczyk said to FIA ERC. “I am really, really lucky I don’t fall down because [the drop] was really deep … the car was not like new, it was broken, but we are okay, that is the most important thing.”

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