February 14 is a great day around Sonshine Kennels-celebrating Valentines and all the chocolates and sweets.

So what about chocolate-is it really dangerous for dogs?

Here are some facts:

Chocolate can cause a number of issues when consumed by dogs. These include diarrhea, vomiting, tremors and hyperactivity. According to WebMD, dogs can also experience high blood pressure and rapid heart rate after consuming chocolate. Chocolate consumption can also cause life-threatening issues in dogs.

For example, large quantities of chocolate can cause seizures, respiratory failure and cardiac arrest in dogs. In severe cases, chocolate can kill dogs. If a dog ingests chocolate, a veterinarian should be contacted immediately. While ingesting a small amount of chocolate may only cause mild stomach discomfort in dogs, ingesting a large amount may require medical help.

So in the long run-chocolate is not worth the risk-keep your canine friend safe this Valentines Day,

See you later – Maggie May.

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