HBO hack: ‘Game of Thrones’ hackers leak cast’s phone numbers and addresses

By Chris Jancelewicz, Global News, August 9, 2017 

The Game of Thrones and HBO hack is intensifying as several stars of the fantasy TV show have had their phone numbers and personal addresses leaked online.

Hackers using the name “Mr. Smith” launched a cyberattack against HBO on July 31, accessing 1.5 terabytes of the network’s data and leaking upcoming episodes of TV shows BallersRoom 104 and Game of Thrones. They also released the script for an upcoming (at the time) Game of Thrones episode.

On Monday, the hackers posted a fresh cache of stolen files, including another upcoming episode script and a month’s worth of email from the account of Leslie Cohen, HBO’s vice-president of film programming. In exchange for their silence, the hackers demanded “our six-month salary in Bitcoin,” which would amount to roughly $6 million.

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