Jonah Keri: The case for trading Josh Donaldson

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By Jonah Keri,, May 19, 2017 

Last week, some guy on the Internet argued that the Blue Jays should keep Josh Donaldson through the rest of this season, and possibly longer. That guy was dead wrong. Handsome and smart and cool, but dead wrong.

Baseball players, like almost everything else on this planet, are depreciating assets. The moment a player makes the Big Leagues, his six-year countdown to free agency begins. Aging exacerbates the situation. Studies of player age curves suggest that position players peak earlier today than they did at the height of the PED era, with their best years often falling between age 22 and 26.

Both of those trends bode ill for Josh Donaldson’s trade value. The 2015 MVP can test free agency at the end of next season. He’s 31 years-old, and will be 33 when his name comes up for bid at the 2018 Winter Meetings. The longer the Jays wait to trade him, the more his value to other teams will shrink.

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