By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 30, 2017 

After scooping up the Provincial title in April, Kindersley’s Provincial Bowling Team is reading itself for Nationals next weekend.


“I’ve been to provincials several times over the years,” says team member Murray Gilles, “But I’ve never been to nationals, so this is new and exciting for me, for all of us really.”


Kindersley’s provincial team saw some reformulating after winning the provincial championship, as two members are unable to make it for the National Championships on July 8-9. Tracy Fries and Chris Solomon’s prior family commitments obliged them to step down from the team; fortunately, Eric Serfas and Michael MacDiarmid were found as replacements.  Both Serfas and MacDiarmid were members of the Kindersley team who took bronze at the provincial championship in April.  Now, the fresh team is looking forward to the upcoming challenge.


“We are faithfully practising every week,” noted Gilles, “our aim is to be in our prime form that weekend.”


They certainly had a good start during the provincial championship; ultimately smashing over 759 pins, the team has a great record to live up to. “All of the teams we will be facing are new to us,” commented Gilles. “In provincials, it’s kinda like a homecoming; you know many of the people and how they play, this weekend is going to be much different.”


There are 8 teams in the 5pin Championship. In addition to our own team from Saskatchewan, there are teams from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, and two teams from Ontario.  

A hefty playing schedule starts bright and early on Saturday, July 8, and ending with a Step-Ladder competition Sunday night.  


Family and friends unable to make it in person can watch it live on the Canada Bowl Cup website at  I wish the best of luck to our Kindersley Team!    

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