By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, July 7, 2017 

Last night Employees at the local Home Hardware store were stunned to learn they no longer had a job to come back to.

On the evening of July 6, 2017, a bank trustee foreclosed the store, dismissing employees and locking the doors.

“The store had been sustaining losses for quite some time,” noted the trustee who wishes to remain anonymous. “So yesterday the company owning the Home Hardware store had to file for bankruptcy.”

Image Courtesy of Mallorie Rast

While employees no longer have a job to come back to, they at least have one more pay check to look forward to. “Arrangements have been made for the employees, all wages owing them will be paid.”

For now, no one knows if a Home Hardware will reopen in Kindersley, time alone holds the answer to that question.

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