By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 15, 2017 

This season has been a great one for Kindersley’s baseball teams, and the Kindersley Raiders are no exception. With 7 games, 6 wins and only 1 loss behind them, this senior men’s baseball team is ready to tackle whatever challenge comes their way.

With the extra interest in baseball this year, the Raiders saw some early reformatting as the newly formed Stal- lions gained 9 previous Raider players in addition to their own players. With a smaller team, it’s now easier for each player to get more playing time and thus more experience as the season progresses.

“Our team is definitely displaying great teamwork and spirit,” noted bench coach, Clayton Artymovich, “Which is great to see so early on in the season.”

With games against Eatonia, Beechy, Kyle, the Kindersley Midget Team, the “Kindersley Old Timers”, and the Kindersley Stallions; the Raiders have certainly had the opportunity to show that teamwork.

For example, their June 10 game with the Kyle Yellow Jackets started a little shakily; but then the Raiders suddenly came alive and played a solid game, both offense and defense wise. Fifteen year veteran Jeff Kosolofski pitched an excellent defence, giving up only three hits in the entire course of the game. Brady Bitz and Tyler McKee led the offence with some effective plate knocking—pulling in nearly a half a dozen runs between them.

“Overall, I’m proud of the team,” concluded Artymovich, “They are shaping up very well for the rest of the season.”

The Raiders’ next game is on Thursday, June 15, and will again be against the Kindersley Stallions. Ironically for the Raiders, the Stallions came away victorious in the first match-up, so now the Raiders are anxious to shift the scale in the other direction.

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