By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, August 2, 2017 

The Kindersley Stallions have kept up an impressive show during league playoffs, now they face an ironic competitor —the Kindersley Raiders.

“So far I have been very happy with how our team is playing,” noted team manager, Austin Jamieson.  “But we will need every advantage we have because these next few games will be very challenging.”


The league final will run in the “best of the three” format, where the Stallions will meet the Raiders first on Monday, then Wednesday, August 2, and then if the third game is needed, on the following Monday.  


In the past, the Stallions have won all three games against the Raiders. However, the Raiders have since been on a roll, so these next few games are far from sure-fire for the Stallions.


“I really cannot tell how the games will go, but I know for sure that everyone is just pleased that both Kindersley teams made it to our league finals. Of course, we would be happy to take the title, but in the end, we can be proud of the fact the Kindersley is showing its skill in men’s baseball.”


The Stallions will also finish up yet another league, dubbed the “SK Landing Cup”, on Thursday when they meet up with Gull Lake for the second game of their league finals.  So far the Stallions are leading Gull Lake by one game, and look forward to an advantageous ending for that league.    


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