By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 30, 2017 

O Canada! Where pines and maples grow.

Great prairies spread and lordly rivers flow.

How dear to us thy broad domain,

From East to Western sea.

Thou land of hope for all who toil!

Thou True North, strong and free!”

Chelsea Zacharias must have thought of this second stanza of our National Anthem as she fluidly drew a breathtaking poster, earning the Visual Art Award in her class.


Honoring Canada’s birthday every year, Zacharias’ art class would hold a contest featuring art inspired by Canada.  This year, the 18-year-old teen began working on a design featuring a maple leaf and the varying landscapes of Canada.


Unfortunately, the design grow so intricate, the piece was not finished in time for the submission deadline.  Zacharias instead submitted a piece of artwork she created last year. The 2016 artwork did not win the 2017 contest, but instead received recognition by the local judges, and has been submitted for provincial review next month.


Zacharias put a significant amount of forethought in designing her 2017 artwork.  “I wanted to incorporate all of the provinces and territories in some way, which is why I chose the new Canada 150th Logo.”  

Canada poster Zacharias submitted in this year’s competition. This poster is being submitted for provincial review.


Each of the diamonds at the base of the maple leaf represents a province; with the middle four diamonds illustrating the first four provinces of Canada: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  At the base of the maple leaf, these four provinces are combined together, showcasing the major cities found in each.  In the expanding sections of the maple leaf, Zacharias drew depictions of each province. She encompassed the outer edges of the maple leaf with dreamy northern lights; showing the somewhat uncharted beauty of our Canadian North.


“I tried to pick symbols that are common to each province,” explained Zacharias. “I thought of using other icons and symbols, but decided to stick with landscapes.” Her judgment proved accurate, as onlookers agree the poster holds the majority of its stunning aspect to the faithful depictions of our Canadian landscapes.  


This poster is the last submission Zacharias will make to her class, as later this week she will join many of her classmates in receiving her Grade 12 diploma.  Born into a long line of artistic family members, Zacharias is weighing out a few options before settling on a career path.  “Art will always be a part of it.”

Zacharias firmly believes that art and music are just as important as sports and many other subjects taught in schools today.  She encourages parents to listen to their child’s interests, and to be ready to support them in their varied endeavours. “But not only should the parents be listening, the governments and schools should be too.” Zacharias commented how funding cuts can sadly limit a child’s access to this area of learning and deplete much needed supplies.


May many other artists grow to love and depict our great land—the country of Canada!   


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