By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, May 18, 2017 

When James Addison first built his home in 1911, he likely never dreamed that it would be still standing today, let alone be the focus of media attention.

Yet, 106 years later, the Addison Sod Home hit national headlines as a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Award.  


The only one of its kind in Canada, and perhaps in all of North America, the sod house located just outside of Kindersley has become a rarity for at least two reasons. Firstly, the home has been continuously lived in for over a century.  Secondly, the house has remained standing for that length of time, an amazing feat for a building made of sod.  It was these two facts that qualified the sod house for the award under the heading “Long-Term Stewardship of a Heritage Site.”


Lenore McTaggart, grand-daughter of James Addison, received the award from the Honourable Mrs. Vaughn Solomon Schofield on June 14, in the Lt. Governor’s House in Regina.       


“It’s good to see the house viewed in a positive light,” said McTaggart. “When my mother was in high school she would be teased, ‘oh, you just live in a soddy.’ Amazing how a few years turns a negative view into a positive one.”   


McTaggart is the current owner of the Addison Sod House after the passing of James Addison in 1963 and later of McTaggart’s mother, Edith Gardiner. McTaggart, now in her 70s, is looking forward to passing the ownership to someone who deeply cares about the preservation of this Provincial Heritage Property.


The Friends of the Addison Sod House Committee (FASH) are teaming with McTaggart in order to make this dream a reality. The home, due to its age and materials, will need some reconstruction in order to remain open to the public as a tourist attraction. Before these repairs can begin, the FASH committee needs an assessment from a contractor who specializes in heritage structures. The committee has found a contractor in the Maritimes, but are currently searching for someone closer, if possible.


If you are interested in saving the dying voice of history, contact Tim Hanna, member of the FASH committee at (306) 463-1822; or Lenore McTaggart, Owner/Resident at (306) 821-6479.  For a fascinating look on the inside of the Addison Sod House, search “YouTube 21st Century Sod House” for more information on this National Historic Site.   


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