Magical ‘Smashville’ crowd propels Predators to Game 3 win

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By Mark Spector,, May 17, 2017 

NASHVILLE — Every once in a while, the right team lands in the right town, playing the right game in front of the right people. And the result is magical — even for a jaded old hockey writer and a bunch of “never too high, never too low” hockey players.

Here in Smashville, one of those Gary Bettman landing spots where we questioned how the Predators would steal enough fans from NASCAR and college football, that mix has come together perfectly this spring.

The Predators aren’t wine, cheese and a string quartet, man. They play the game like the guy over at Tootsie’s bends his six strings — you can hear ‘em coming, and after a night at Bridgestone your head hurts the next morning.

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