Meet George Payette, Canada’s last known grain elevator repairman

George Payette maintains 103 grain elevators across Manitoba and into Saskatchewan and he’s not aware of anyone else who can do what he does. (Source: Josh Crabb/CTV Winnipeg)

By CTV News, July 26, 2017 

Standing like sentinels over the Canadian prairies, grain elevators were once a ubiquitous site.

But over time, hundreds have been demolished. To preserve those that still stand, there’s George Payette — Canada’s last known grain elevator repairman.

“I just like the challenge of fixing them,” Payette told CTV Winnipeg. “Every day is a different challenge, one way or another.”

The wooden agricultural structures, which were once used to store and ship grain, are no longer needed in modern agriculture. But Payette and his team of two are keeping many of the prairies’ oldest grain elevators standing and operational.

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