Jeff Soveran


Saskatchewan born, Jeff was raised in the Regina and moved to Kindersley over 25 years ago. In that time Jeff has built his own IT services company, formed a creative agency, owned a bar, owned the bowling alley, fostered great relationship with many local folk and is currently the deputy fire chief, all with great success. After forming Jem creative Solutions with Chris in 2011 the snowball has continued to roll with signage and security solutions businesses, Jeff is also steering the ship at Kindersley Social. His passion for future looks certain to spell out exciting times ahead for Kindersley Social.


Chris Jones

Managing Editor

British born and well travelled, Chris relocated to Kindersley in early 2011 and formed Jem Creative Solutions with Jeff. During his career so far he has gained valuable experience working for some reputable design agencies and print houses in the United Kingdom, after graduating from Leeds Met with a degree in graphic design and communication. He has forged strong creative partnerships with European clients and worked with a variety of companies across Canada and beyond. With a keen interest in all things web, Chris loves nothing more than to dive into a problem and help find a ‘solution’



Victoria Rast

Senior Assignment Editor

Raised in the ‘land of living skies’, Victoria has a passion for rural life and wide open spaces. Part code monkey and mobile enthusiast, she is excited about the future of the web industry; in particular responsive design for the ‘anywhere and everywhere web’. When not testing code she enjoys blogging, researching, music and any good book she can find.


Steven Lund

Production Editor

Steve, a local lad with a background in animation and video production is an amateur photographer and lover of all things art and animation who also enjoys shredding guitar or watching a good horror movie. Responsible for running the production press, overseeing the visual layout of the publication, dealing with printing or copyright dealings and more. When he’s not checking the ink at kindersley Social he’s also works on a wide range of projects at Jem Creative Solutions.



Jackie Zimmer

Copy Editor

“A lover of nature and all things that meow” Jackie is the coolest cat about. When Jackie isn’t meticulously checking our articles and posts for grammar, spelling and spacing corrections she can usually be found quenching her creative thirst; drawing, taking photographs or just plain adventuring… Usually accompanied by a cat or two! With a keen ear for the hippest beats, be sure to ask Jackie for musical recommendations.


Ron Baker

Contributing Editor

Ron, born in the old hospital is Kindersley through and through. Through much local involvement he has gathered great fodder for some hilarious tales and tragic events. His experience in administration and working with people, along with his love for a good story, ought to help to bring daily life to life!


Rina Rast

Local News & Sports Reporter

Rina Rast is a homeschool graduate (2016) from the Kindersley area. She is passionate about writing, photography, science, and lifelong learning. When not reporting, she enjoys hanging out with her canine friends, pursuing further studies, or finding new deep sky objects to observe through her telescope. She will keep you up-to-date about Kindersley’s sports and local news.


Sonya Brown

Contributing Writer

Sonya Brown, B.Kin, is a Health Promotion Coordinator and works with School Divisions in Southeastern Alberta to improve healthy eating, active living and positive mental health initiatives and policies. Her passion is building healthy school communities where children and youth can live happy, healthy lives.


Nicole Jeffries

Contributing Writer

Nicole Jeffries is a Saskatchewan born and Toronto based writer. Nicole’s writing focuses on young adult fiction genre but her literary interests are far reaching. From Peter Rabbit to Macbeth her reading list is extensive. Other passions and influences include, Downton Abbey, the Victorian era and her dogs Wilson and Lucy.



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Kevin Martin


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