By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, May 3, 2017 

With the mixed bag of hot, dry days and wet, windy ones, the minor ball teams have still managed to enjoy some productive time in the fields and diamonds.

The base and softball association has actually found itself less busy as investments in maintenance sped up their productivity. An eye-catching Kubota tractor was recently purchased for mowing with sponsorship of Energy Dodge.

Also a new infield drag was purchased with the financial help of the Raiders Senior Men’s baseball team, and the Kindersley Klippers baseball team (not to be confused with the Iron Horse Klippers). 

“It’s amazing how much difference this drag has made,” noted Chad Miller, president of the association. “Dragging that used to take us 4 hours can now be completed in about half an hour.”

The soccer teams are finding themselves just as busy as they enter into their third week on the green. They have already hosted one home game and one away game in Rosetown.

Looking at the full list of about 26 teams does bring a challenge to light; the existing fields just aren’t enough.  Fortunately the Town, the RM and the SunWest school division are all working with the association to build a short term solution: another field close to Westbury School.  “Eventually we would like a long term solution of making more fields in several locations,” said Darin Wildman, president of the soccer association. “The native grass fields just can’t take the abuse of being played on all day, they need a rest.”

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