‘Moooove’ it: Residents have beef over giant cow statue

A chrome statue of the prize-winning Holstein cow ‘Brookview Tony Charity’ is shown in Markham, Ont.

By Josh K. Elliot, CTV News, July 27, 2017 

Residents of a Markham, Ont. neighbourhood are saying “boo,” not “moo,” to a giant silver cow statue recently erected on stilts outside their homes.

The $1.2-million chrome cow towers over a tiny semicircle-shaped parkette on Cathedral Crescent in Markham, a community north of Toronto, where it’s clearly visible from the windows of 19 homes surrounding it. The carefully sculpted, realistic-looking cow has a large, thorny-looking wreath of metal maple leaves around its neck, and is meant to pay tribute to a prize-winning cow raised by one of the area’s historic founders.

The cow was built earlier this month, and it’s already drawing a trickle of tourism from people looking to see it.

But the unexpected, unwelcome addition to the parkette has locals angry, with some particularly annoyed that they’re on the wrong end of the bovine monstrosity.

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