‘So much pain’: Victoria man grateful after surviving lightning strike

Sean Ramsay was filling up a propane tank at an RV Park on View Royal Tuesday when he was indirectly struck by lightning. May 31, 2017. (CTV Vancouver Island)

By CTV News, June 1, 2017 

Man struck by lightning lives to tell tale

Sean Ramsay is either the luckiest — or the unluckiest — man on Vancouver Island. The Victoria resident was struck by lightning while working at an RV park Tuesday and while he’s still in a lot of pain, he’s fortunate to have even survived.

Ramsay was working at the Fort Victoria RV Park on Tuesday morning when a thunderstorm moved in – a rare event on the south part of Vancouver Island. As he filled up an RV with propane, a bolt of lightning struck a tree about three metres away, sending electricity down into the ground underneath Ramsay’s feet.

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