Premature newborn held ‘hostage’ by Mexico hospital finally released to family

Baby Beckham is shown in this family photo (GoFundMe/ Rebecca S. Ewert)

By Angela Mulholland, CTV News, July 21, 2017 

A U.S. baby was born prematurely in Cancun, Mexico, this week, and held as a “medical hostage,” has finally been released so that he can get care back home.

Little Beckham was born three months early Tuesday, while his parents, Michaela Smith and Larry Ralph, were in Mexico for one last vacation before his arrival.

At 28 weeks gestation, Beckham weighed less than two pounds (900 grams) at birth and

his parents were anxious to bring him home to the U.S. for preemie care.

But the Mexican hospital where he was born began demanding several fees before they would allow the family to leave. They asked for fees for his delivery, medical care, discharge and medical release forms.

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