Which premiers are secure and which ones are worried at premiers conference

Premiers Kathleen Wynne (left) and Rachel Notley (right) have the odds stacked against them when they next go to the polls, while John Horgan, B.C.’s premier-designate, has a narrow governing majority to maintain. (The Canadian Press)

By Eric Grenier, CBC News, July 18, 2017 

Electoral fortunes undoubtedly on the mind of more than few premiers at this week’s Edmonton conference

As the premiers gather for the Council of the Federation this week, some of them have more political worries back home than others.

The meeting  in Edmonton will see provincial and territorial leaders tackle pressing national issues, including trade with the United States and the legalization of marijuana. But some premiers are facing serious political difficulties and may have to say goodbye to their colleagues around the premiers’ table sooner rather than later.

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