By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, July 21, 2017 

Flying on a 6 win streak, the Raiders are ready for the challenge of playoffs.

“Overall, we have had a successful season,” noted bench coach, Clayton Artymovich. “As with all seasons, we had our losses and our wins, but overall this year overall has been pretty strong.”


Ironically for the Raiders, the Kindersley Stallions have been the biggest thorn in their side after the Raiders lost three games to the Stallions almost back to back.


The Stallions were an offshoot of the Kindersley Raiders earlier this spring, as nine Raider players traded their blue hats for the blazing emblem of the Stallions.


“It’s been an adjustment without those players,” Artymovich commented. “Our pitching group took the hardest hit. In other seasons, we would pull pitchers from a group of about 10 guys, now it’s about half that.”


Fortunately for the Raiders, their experience in the game and the addition of new players kept them strong throughout the season. Now, the Raiders look forward to the “win or go home” playoffs’ kick-off game with the Kindersley Klippers, affectionately known as the Kindersley Old Timers. “We plan on putting a lot of energy into this game, the Klippers are a tough team, and no game is a sure-fire win.”


The Raiders have enough experience in senior baseball to expect the unexpected. “The beautiful thing about baseball is that almost anything can happen. So we don’t look ahead too far, we take it one game and one team at a time.”

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