Rogue peacock shatters $500 in wine after crashing liquor store


In this Monday, June 5, 2017 image made from cellphone video provided by Rani Ghanem, bottles tumble as an animal control officer attempts to net a female peacock that wound up inside the Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia, Calif. (Rani Ghanem via AP)

By Amanda Lee Myers, The Associated Press, June 6, 2017 

ARCADIA, Calif. — A female peacock has ruffled more than just feathers at a Los Angeles-area liquor store.

Without a peep, the peahen strutted into the open door of the Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia on Monday. Store manager and college senior Rani Ghanem said he didn’t even know it was there until a customer walked in and asked him about “el pollo,” Spanish for “the chicken.”

Ghanem, a 21-year-old San Bernardino resident whose family owns the store, said he then tried to guide the sharp-clawed bird outside but that she spooked, at one point flying directly toward him and then up onto a top shelf of the store. And that spooked Ghanem.

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