By Faith Durand,

It’s Lunch Week at The Kitchn, which means that salads are the star.

Oh wait, what’s that? Salads are your lunch of last resort? You’d prefer a good grilled cheese? Well, perhaps you’re not eating a swanky enough salad to keep you interested. There’s nothing so satisfying as a hearty salad chock-full of intriguing bits of nuts, fruit, cheese, and perhaps a seductive handful of bacon.

But putting together a complex and satisfying salad can feel daunting on a Tuesday morning. That’s why you need to understand the concept of Salad Swag. Let me introduce you to my favorite way to ensure I eat a good lunch. I’ll even give you three flavors — The Frenchie Lentil, The Bleu Apple, and (my favorite) The Hawaiian.

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