Sask. getting 1st roundabouts on major highway

The roundabout at Circle Drive and 8th Street in Saskatoon, pictured here in 1974, no longer exists. (City of Saskatoon Archives )

By Bridget Yard, CBC News, July 25, 2017 

Traffic circles for Regina Bypass opening to drivers near Balgonie on Tuesday, several popping up in Saskatoon

Two roundabouts are set to open Tuesday near Balgonie, Sask., as part of the Regina Bypass designers’ plan to reduce delays, but as other Canadians have proven, roundabouts are tough to get your mind, well, around.

The circular intersections on Highway 46 replace traditional stop-light intersections and are large enough to accommodate farm equipment.

While traffic circles may seem intimidating initially, they slow cars and handle more traffic than stoplights or stop signs.​

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