By Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 15, 2017 

A hot, windless day set the stage for extra challenges at the Saskatchewan Motocross Association’s (SMA) second round of racing on the June 3 weekend.

“It was easily around 32 degrees, so very warm for both riders and onlookers,” commented SMA member Rocky Beauchesne. “But we still had a good crowd, and plenty of racers, so everything worked out in the end.”


The continuing dry weather made the track harder than usual to prepare for the races, as the sandy soil of the Weyburn area tended more to dust than to an agreeable race track.  “The track crew did a fantastic job with the soil conditions they were handed,” Beauchesne affirmed. “With the soil so light and dry, it was hard to prepare safe jumps and curves. But even though Mother Nature wasn’t helping out, they pulled off a great track.”


As with all sports, the event wasn’t without its spills and crashes—three veteran racers found themselves headed for the hospital as broken limbs prevented them from continuing in their races.  

Image courtesy of Rob King of King Photography


“This is a dangerous sport by nature,” noted Beauchesne, “everyone obviously tries their best to make sure things are as safe as they can be, but accidents can still happen.” Beauchesne also noted that the heat may have contributed to rider mistakes and thus the accidents.


“We are always brainstorming ways to make events like this safe and fun for all, and we will continue to search out what may have contributed to the accidents over the weekend,” Beauchesne concluded.


The riders and families in the SMA are rolling with the known risks and are already planning for their next race on Saturday, June 24 in Regina, SK.  Following on the heels of SMA’s third round, the CMRC Motocross Pro National Series will run their 4th round on June 25.  Cutting across Canada from BC to the provinces in the east, the Pro National series’ stop at the Moto Valley Raceway in Regina promises action and excitement all weekend.


For more information on the upcoming races, check out the SMA’s website at or like their Facebook page “Saskatchewan Motorsport Association.”  

Poster Submitted by Daryl Murphy 

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