By Lyndon Kozakewich and Mallorie Rast, Kindersley Social, June 30, 2017 

This past weekend found Regina hosting the 4th round of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals and they finally got the weather they were looking for.

After the amateur races on Saturday, hosted by the Saskatchewan Motocross Association (SMA), riders came from all over Western Canada to compete for the Canadian title.


“There were some epic battles in all classes that day,” commented Lyndon Kozakewich, Regina Motocross Club rep. “The track was very challenging, definitely made for professionals.”   

Image courtesy of Donald Bay

Among those deserving special mention is Saskatchewan’s own Shawn Maffenbeier.  Competing for the MX2 title, Maffenbeier has a high current overall score, landing him in 2nd place.  While a highly skilled rider, Maffenbeier somehow seems to rarely gain a foothold on his home soil. Sunday was no exception, catching his boot on a brake pedal, Maffenbeier was forced to drop back and remove his boot—finishing the race at a disappointing place of 16. Unfazed by the setback, Maffenbeier blazed forward in the second round and redeemed himself with a solid 2nd place. Enthusiastic fans will continue to follow his progress as the Nationals trek eastward for its finalizing rounds.

Image courtesy of Huw Sinden



“Everybody got to cheer their own home town favourite,” grinned Kozakewich, “and with the final rounds coming up, more and more fans are watching these races closely.”  

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