‘He saved my life’: 5-year-old boy credited with saving family from drowning

Joshua Serna, 5, managed to drive a Sea-Doo to save his family from drowning in California.

By Jackie Dunham, CTV News, June 1, 2017 

Joshua Serna is only five years old but he’s already being hailed a hero after he managed to operate a Sea-Doo in order to save his family from drowning in California on Monday.

Benjamin Serna was steering a Sea-Doo with his son Joshua sitting behind him while he towed his wife Oli and two toddlers in an inner tube on Lake Camanche. It was the first time Benjamin or Joshua had ever been on a Sea-Doo and they had only been on it for 10 minutes when their adventure took a turn for the worse.

The inner tube Oli and their two-year-old son Ben and a friend’s three-year-old daughter were sitting in started to deflate mid-ride.

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