Somersaulting Blue Jays pull out all the stops in ‘crazy’ win

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By Shi Davidi,, April 26, 2017 

ST. LOUIS – Back in the day, Chris Coghlan probably would have simply crushed Yadier Molina on his way to the plate, dropping a shoulder while at full sprint and letting things play out as they may. More common in these times of regulated paths to home plate is an attempt by the baserunner to contort himself around the catcher somehow, some way. But the leap over Molina and ensuing somersault onto the plate to avoid a tag at home Coghlan dropped on the St. Louis Cardinals in the seventh inning Tuesday night?

Cap tip to you, Mr. Coghlan. Nobody thinks of that, let alone pulls it off. That’s some epic-GIF-inspiring base-running.

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