At Sonshine Kennels we offer quality grooming for both dogs and cats.

 At the first call, we ask the potential client questions to help determine how to proceed with the grooming such as:

  • What is the breed of the pet and size
  • Has it been groomed before and what was its experience and behaviour
  • Does the pet have its full range of vaccinations, including kennel cough vaccine, up to date
  • Would the owner be prepared to stay for the initial grooming
  • Does the pet have any behaviour or health issues that could affect the grooming session

Once these have been discussed, we book in the grooming session based on our assessment for amount of time needed for the job.  When the pet arrives, the owner fills out and signs a form giving all pertinent information.  If necessary, the owner will stay for the grooming-required in the case of a cat or a large dog.  The animal is safely restrained on the grooming table and the session begins.  First, we check over the animal looking for any possible trouble areas-matted areas, injuries, skin tags, fleas or ticks, etc. that we need to be aware of.  During the entire grooming session, the safety of the dog is utmost. The look and cut of the grooming is agreed upon by the owner and groomer.  Grooming may involve using the clipper, scissor cut or a simple brush out. Ears are cleaned and unnecessary hair removed.   Nails are always checked and trimmed if necessary. Bathing is next.  If ticks or fleas were detected a special shampoo is used and then followed by a regular shampoo.  Careful consideration is given to the eyes and ears.  The pet is then dried and combed out to give that finished look.  All dogs are given a special tie and leave wagging their tail.  

Costs of services:

  • Simple nail trim            $15
  • Basic brush and bath    $30
  • Full cut and bath starts at $40-determined by the size of the dog, behaviour and condition of coat.  Larger dogs can range up to $85 per groom

Sonshine Kennels will custom groom your pet so you are well satisfied and your animal looks professionally groomed.  Be sure to ask what you want and even bring pictures.  If any concerns are noted during the grooming these will be brought to the owner’s attention.  Looking forward to serving your animal’s grooming needs.