Sulphate in water, dehydration and heat killed 200 Sask. cattle

Sulphate concentration levels within the water source at a pasture operated by Shamrock Grazing Ltd. were found to be more than three times the lethal concentration for cattle. (Kendall Latimer/CBC)

By Creeden Martell, CBC News, July 13, 2017

Water had more than 3 times the lethal concentration of sulphate

Lab results have determined the death of 200 cattle in a grazing pasture near Shamrock, Sask., earlier this month was caused by a combination of dehydration, poor water quality and heat, according to a statement released Thursday by the province.

Sulphate levels in the water were more than three times the lethal concentration, at 24,000 milligrams per litre. Concentrations of 1,000 milligrams per litre are enough to cause neurological trauma, while levels of 7,000 milligrams or more can result in death.

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