By Susmita Baral,

Visiting a brick-and-mortar grocery store almost always means strolling the aisles with a cart to store all your goods in.

It’s convenient, no doubt, but also filled with some dirty secrets: According to the “Germs at the Grocery Store” report from, many surfaces at the supermarket can be filled with germs.

The researchers from the reusable bag company divided up American grocery retailers into four groups: traditional (like Acme, ShopRite, or Safeway), budget (say, Aldi or Trader Joe’s), superstore (Costco, BJs, or Sam’s Club) and upmarket (Whole Foods). It should be noted the company did not disclose which exact stores they surveyed and in what part of the country they ran their experiment.

After taking a deeper look at the grocery cart handles by swabbing them, a large deviation was observed between the categories.

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