Review: CCM Ribcor 70K Hockey Skates

When NHL players can feel a noticeable difference in a skate, you know the upgrades are worthwhile. CCM has redesigned the Ribcor 70K hockey skates to provide an even lighter, more comfortable option on the ice.

Using both biomechanics research and technological advances in skate materials, CCM has managed to optimize the skating strides of hockey players like Sidney Crosby, Matt Duchene, and Peter Forsberg.

The CCM Ribcor 70K skates are coincidentally 70 grams lighter than their predecessor, thanks to improved premium composite materials used in their construction. On top of this, the need for the Ribcor pump has been eliminated due to a new and improved contoured heel lock design incorporated in the boot shape. Among these design upgrades, a customized fit is achieved through multi-density memory foam which further improves comfort. The comfort factor on these skates was confirmed by many Source For Sports store owners at our Hockey Demo Day near the end of 2016. Our members had the chance to test out the CCM Ribcor 70K skates prior to launch, and the most consistent feedback was that the level of comfort was unparalleled, even without proper break-in time. Virtually unheard of for new skates.

One of the most notable upgrades in the Ribcor 70K hockey is FlexFrame technology by CCM. This is where the biomechanics come into play. Working with NHL players to analyze the movements of their strides, CCM was able to improve forward flexion in order to help players with power generation and lateral stability while skating. When you’re playing with the best in the game, you need to be able to win every race to the puck, and your skates shouldn’t hold you back. That’s where the levels of both comfort and quality allow the CCM Ribcor 70K skate to take the lead.

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