COREFX delivers high performance fitness and training products to help you build up your body’s strength to its highest potential.

With a collection of products ranging from resistance parachutes to strength bands, COREFX has got you covered when it comes to intense training for dedicated athletes looking for all sorts of workout routines.

If you’re looking to get into strength training, you’ll definitely want to check out a product like the Advanced Toner. COREFX Toners have a covered resistance tubing core with plastic handles, allowing you to do a multitude of resistance exercises like ropes waves and more. You can use the resistance weight variations of these toners to develop a diverse workout plan.

The Wall Ball is another piece of COREFX equipment that can add versatility to your conditioning. Simple exercises like squats, lunges, sit-ups, and crunches can be enhanced with the addition of this medicine ball. Extra weight will make your workout tougher, and as you improve your abilities, you can increase the weight of the Wall Ball to match. The diameter of the COREFX Wall Ballremains at 14 inches regardless of weight so you can adjust more easily. The sturdy design allows athletes to do intense workouts without worrying about the ball losing its shape, as well as maintain excellent grip through the sweatiest of workouts.

COREFX Strength Bands are perhaps the most portable and diverse of workout additions. Essentially, any stretching, mobility, and weight-assisted exercises can become more challenging and beneficial using these resistance bands. Available in 6 resistances, you can surely find the right bands to improve every aspect of your workout in the gym or at home.

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