Here at Ta Shima our team wants your body waxing or sugaring experience to not only be the absolute best, but for you to achieve results.

It is recommended that you come in every 4-6 weeks.  Doing this will allow your skin to acclimate to waxing, slow your hair growth, and maintain better results between treatments. For more details, ask about our promotions and specials.

Lip                                     $15.00

Chin                                  $15.00

Brow                                 $15.00

Full Leg                            $60.00

Half Leg                           $40.00

Full Arm                          $40.00

Half Arm                         $30.00

Under Arm                     $25.00

Chest& Stomach            $60.00

Back                                 $45.00

Bikini                               $30.00

Full Face                         $40.00

Feet                                  $15.00

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